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Welcome to the world of!

Our Mission strives to be the metalworking industries most comprehensive and most visited online resource. Our goal is to provide a site that brings the entire metalworking industry together in a single location.

Our Goals

In addition to our helping our customers reduce the burden of slow moving inventory, we intend to provide a site that has the most comprehensive technical support capabilities available in our industry. But what will ultimately drive customers to use will be our neutrality, or our ability to provide unbiased support for our customers most difficult machining challenges, thus making the online center of the machining world.

Advertising on Tooling Trader is looking for partners within our industry to help us to build this resource. We offer three types of marketing opportunities to the industry, all of which allow both manufacturers and distributors to actively participate in the activities within Tooling Trader, leading to business opportunities for your company. Below is a guide to the advertising opportunities that enable you to align your message with the products and services you offer in front of an audience looking for new technology.

Tooling Trader Banner Ads has limited space and availability for cutting tool manufacturers to advertise their company and capabilities. On our home page, we offer a limited number of banner ads. These ads, which will appear on all subsequent pages as well, will also offer our customers a link directly to your home page.

Advertising rates for the Tooling Trader home page banner ads are as follows:

Tooling Trader Home Page Banner & Link

1 month

6 months

12 months

- $300.00 per month

- $200.00 per month

- $100.00 per month

NOTE – The first three manufacturers posting products to the website with a value of > $100,000.00 will receive 3 free months of Home Page Banner Ads.

Tooling Trader “New Technology Bulletins”

In addition to our banner ads, Tooling Trader also offers manufacturers the ability to publicize their new products in a form of a “New Technology Bulletin”. These bulletins, which can be up to one type written page, and may include photos, graphics, or even video links, offer you tremendous market exposure to those seeking new solutions to their old problems.

On our home page, you will see the New Technology Bulletins prominently placed, thus allowing our customers to always be up on what is new in the tooling industry. These bulletins are FREE to those Manufacturers posting products on

Tooling Trader “Ask the Experts” Teams

Tooling Trader also offers a series of industry forums, or chat rooms that allow our customers the opportunity to discuss machining application issues with each other without fear of being contacted by salesman. These chat rooms are open to all, but those that abuse the “non solicitation” policy will be permanently removed from the forums.

However, Tooling Trader will offer an “Ask the Experts” option on each of the industry forums. When a customer chooses this option, he will be prompted to an e-mail that will then be forwarded to the “Ask the Expert” staff for that given forum.

In order to be an “Ask the Expert” consultant, you must first be approved by the Tooling Trader staff. Upon approval, the e-mails will automatically be forwarded to your e-mail, thus allowing you to communicate with our customers directly.

Rates for participating in Tooling Trader’s “Ask the Expert” team are as follows:

Tooling Trader “Ask the Experts” team

1 month

6 months

12 months

- $250.00 per month, All Forums

- $200.00 per month, All Forums

- $150.00 per month, All Forums